Store Management Course
Duration: 3 Months Total Fee: 23000 One Time Fee: 22500
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.10000 2nd Installment: Rs.10000 3rd Installment: Rs. 3000

Store management is a service function that basically deals with the physical storage of goods. These goods are under the custodianship of a person called storekeeper or stock controller. raw materials and unworked materials are usually referred to as stores. The place where they are kept is known as stores room. Goods stored may be either stock or stores. stock-room is the place used for housing finished products ready for shipment and are usually called stocks.

The aspect of materials which is concerned with the physical storage of goods is therefore called store management. store management is the practice of controlling and managing everything within and around your store. while it’s easy to understand, dig a little deeper and you’ll soon realize the complexity. It is a complex task to have competent control over all the moving parts that make up your store. Store functions concern with the receiving, storage movement, and an issue of items. The raw materials, tools, consumables, bought out parts and spares required for production, maintenance and operation of the plant and finished goods until is dispatch to customers also come under store functions.

Input from relevant parties is One key to the planning for a store. So the store is the custodian of all goods that are received in the company until they are sold or consumed. The store naturally assumes the responsibility of receiving, preservation, storage, accounting functions, and issues faced. Upper management plans and provides you with instructions regarding the goals of the store so that the store can plan effectively and execute efficiently. Also, the workers at the store can provide you with advice regarding the best-selling items, day-to-day issues and customer feedback.

The responsibilities of store management are to receive materials and also to protect them while in storage from damage or unauthorized removal. It also includes to make available the materials in the right quantities, to the right place, at the right time and to provide these services at the least cost. In charge of entire stores and the employees that work within is the store manager. Store managers are also in charge of the general and functional operations of a store to make sure it always runs smoothly, cleanly and meets all the budget or sales goals. The store manager plans and promotes the daily schedule of employees and the business, coordinate, discipline employees, interview and hire them.

Store manager also makes sure the store is stocked, clean and in proper working order, create and maintain budgets, and coordinate with and report to senior management in the company. As a store manager, it is important and required to develop a healthy relationship with workers, store suppliers, customers, and other parties key to store operations steady. It is also required to understand the customer service and how to handle the customer queries and it is just the beginning.

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