Quality controller (QA/QC) Course
Duration: 1 Year (4 Months Crash Course) Total Fee: 25500 One Time Fee: 25500
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.15000 2nd Installment: Rs.10500

quality control is a process through which a business ensures that the quality of a product is maintained with negligible error.  in this process the quality of the product improve also. A business need to create an environment in which both management and quality control officers strive for perfection. To achieve the quality training personnel creates benchmarks for products and tests for statistically significant variations. To eliminate the employees with adequate training, inspector assigns a task to a specific employee. Therefore this process limits the room for error in the quality of the product. Testing at the various stages of production helps to identify the occurrence of a problem and also to overcome the same.

An important aspect of quality control is to maintain well-defined control over the quality of the product. These controls standardize both production and feedback to quality issues. Quality control tests each unit to determine if they are within the specifications for the final release. The purpose of the testing is to determine the needed correction if required in the manufacturing process. Good quality control helps companies to meet consumer demands for better products. Quality control testing involves various step of the manufacturing process. An officer often begins with the testing of raw materials. Therefore to do this they collect samples from along the manufacturing line and test the finished product.

A business that deals in product manufacturing is highly dependent on quality control. In food and drug manufacturer, quality control ensures that the product does not make a consumer sick. Therefore the manufacturer performs chemical and microbiological tests of the sample from the production line. Because the appearance of prepared food affects consumer perception, the manufacturers prepare the products as mentioned in package directions for visual inspection. In the automobile production, they examine the way that parts fit together and interact and ensures the smooth and efficient working of engines. In electronics, testing involves the use of meters that measure the flow of electricity.

Quality control officer protects the consumer from damaged products and the company from spoil its reputation. A quality control officer has various option to rectify if finds any defect in the product. The options involve fixing the problem themselves, returning the product for repairing or tagging the product for rejection. In order to fix any problem occur the inspector works informs the supervisor and work along with them to resolve.

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