Over Head Crane
Duration: 2 Months Total Fee: 30500 One Time Fee: 29000
Installment Details
25500 5000

In this course, participants will learn how to use overhead cranes in multiple workplace environments safely. Safety training and compliance standards are being met and exceeded by our course because it is designed by professional trainers. In our programs, you will find the essential information required by operators, load handlers, and riggers.

In the course, participants learn how to decrease operator errors that can lead to unnecessary downtime by increasing their working knowledge. Incorrect crane operation can result in serious injury to personnel. Crane operator training can help enhance safety for personnel.

Training for overhead crane operators is designed to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly operate overhead crane equipment and ensure that they are able to apply safe practices and guidelines. Based on our experience, overhead crane training is the most effective method to protect a user's health and safety. All information that is delivered during the course is consistent with the applicable policies, procedures, and standards.

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