Mechanical Technician Course
Duration: 3 Months Total Fee: 23000 One Time Fee: 22000
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.10000 2nd Installment: Rs.10000 3rd Installment: Rs. 3000

Mechanical Technician course is a short-term certification course in which you will learn an introduction to the necessary and in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with industrial technical components, like welding technologies, and other systems that are involved in a mechanical system. They sometimes also called a Mechanical Engineering Technicians, as a mechanical engineer takes help from a mechanical technician in design, testing, and maintenance of machinery equipment. They are responsible to have a depth knowledge of the machine’s behavior or functionality. The responsibility of such a technician in any industry is general found at an a entry-level position. This field is considered as an easy way to get job because Mechanical technician are employed in wide spectrum of industries.  Mechanical Technicians can be found working on transportation, industrial, electrical and manufacturing machines. They can be employed as a mechanical engineer technician, as an electro-mechanical technician, or as an industrial technician.

In the case of a smaller company, they need to perform the job that overlaps with the job of these more specialized technicians of this kind. They also perform testing on finished products to find some improvement if possible. For a machinery industry in order to achieve their goal of maintaining machinery, a mechanical technician performs several tasks. Normally a mechanical technician does not have any specialized area of work. The main concern of this kind of job is to maintain, provide servicing and repair of equipment. They may estimate costs of projects, review blueprints to design and prepare the layouts. They should have a wastewater treatment plant operation certificate to work in a water treatment plant. Also if their work involves driving any kind of vehicle, they should have a commercial driving license.

The industrial mechanical technician is one of the kinds of this type of technician. There focused area is the industrial and machinery equipment, such as packaging machinery equipment and conveying systems of an industry. An industrial mechanical technician reads the manual of any equipment carefully to understand the behavior and functionality of the equipment so that they can repair, replace the damage or any malfunctioned part of that equipment and maintain it to run the equipment properly. They also test, install, maintain and repair the automated industrial equipment. They also perform testing on finished products to find some improvement if possible.

Electro-mechanical technicians deal in the installation, maintenance, and the repairing of automated and computer-controlled mechanical systems. They can be found in the testing and operational department of a factory or another worksite. This kind of mechanical technicians can also test, operates robotics equipment in the industry if needed. They are also responsible to analyze maintain the test records as written documentation to explain the result produced on testing. They need to have a thorough knowledge and working experience in photonics application or the science of light.  These technicians are also assigned to work in an energy project that may involve wind and solar power.

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