Lift Technician
Duration: 3 Months Total Fee: 20500 One Time Fee: 19500
Installment Details
15500 5000

There are several preventive measures that are taken by lift technicians, such as oiling and greasing moving parts, restoring the damaged parts, and ensuring the equipment functions properly. Elevators are now indispensable in different buildings, so there is high demand for Lift Technicians.

It is important that lift technicians are physically fit because they need to move heavy equipment while repairing lifts. It is very important for them to possess good technical knowledge when it comes to resolving lift-related issues. In order to repair lift machines effectively, they should have the ability to detect defects in the machines. Depending on the building environment, they can suggest how the lifts should be changed. Lift repair technicians should be familiarized with the most frequently used equipment, such as screwdrivers and forklifts. Lift repair technicians must be able to work long hours. They may encounter hazardous conditions while on the job. Lift repair technicians must be able to handle the risks that come with the job.

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