Land Surveyor Course
Duration: 1 Year (Crash Course of 3 Months) Total Fee: 23000 One Time Fee: 22000
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.10000 2nd Installment: Rs.10000 3rd Installment: Rs.10000

Land surveyor measures the dimensions of a particular area of the earth which involves angle, elevations and the horizontal distance of the earth surface. They also examine the artificial structures including roads or a building. A land surveyor design or draw a map or a globe on the basis of the measurement taken. They survey a particular area to identify boundaries and features of the land to determine ownership. To provide a homogeneous framework for information and geographic system, a land surveyor designs and establishes s spatial reference system.

A land surveyor generally get employment in a company which deals in construction projects ranging from building fences to a complete town planning strategies. In this course, we provide a practical project on land surveying so that a student can get the in-depth knowledge of how to work as a professional along with the various types of land surveyors available in the market nowadays. Land surveyors are certified professionals with academic qualifications, experienced in technical skills, innovative ability, and management skills to deal with the discipline of surveying of an area for the benefit of society. A registered land surveyor is also known as a cadastral surveyor because of their involvement in maintaining the cadaster by the locating and marking of property boundaries.

A land surveyor is appointed or responsible for doing different kinds of surveys such as Geodetic & Topographic Surveys, Topographic survey, cadastral survey. A geodetic land surveyor is one who measures a very large area of the earth that may take into account the earth's curvature. Since a surveyor of this kind takes into account the actual curvature of the earth, these surveys are very much accurate. The next type is a topographic land surveyor which involves the operation to measure the vertical elevation of the surface that is being surveyed also draw the artificial structure of the surface measured. A topographic surveyor is generally appointed by governments and businesses or a company that deals in the construction project.

The next type is Cadastral surveyor whose responsibility is to determine the boundaries between parcels of real estate regardless of the matter whether the land is public or private property. A cadastral surveyor determines the boundary of the land legally for the purpose of property taxes etc. and also to measure the exact area of the land that is transferred to another person or sold. They provide support in land tenure system and to do an effective cadastral. They are responsible to collect, analyses, and manages the geographic data to establish and administrate the geographical system. Having completed the survey, a land surveyor produces reports to the client in form of a map, database, models, charts etc. The survey to provide information and advice to the client regarding the property and determine the best sustainable and suitable use of land and development.

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