Industrial Automation Training (PLC/SCADA/BMS Technician)
Duration: 3 Months Total Fee: 25500 One Time Fee: 24500
Installment Details
15500 10000

SCADA systems play a very important role in this sector, as they are taking industries to a totally new level, allowing them to be more efficient and provide greater control, extending their useful life, etc. Become an expert at PLC Programming for Industrial Automation.

At Rashtriya Technical Institute, you will be trained by professionals in Industrial Automation with SCADA that is adapted to the requirements of the market which currently demands industrial automation professionals who can design and start all kinds of processes in all kinds of industrial units.

Training for PLCs or SCADAs is designed to control production with open architecture systems capable of growing and adapting as needs change. Various plant equipment, including programmable controllers, frequency inverters, industrial PCs, etc. should be able to communicate with total ease and transparency.

This course is designed for people looking to increase their knowledge of industrial processes by learning how to control and supervise a production process or automating processes and adding this skill to their CV to compete for jobs in many industries such as manufacturing, power, recycling, transportation energy, oil, etc. Take advantage of PLC Programming Courses in industrial automation and enhance your competitive edge. You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become an experienced PLC programmer through PLC programming training.

This course will enable you to become familiar with the existing PLC/SCADA systems in the market, practical development that allows the control and management of production as well as scriptwriting, alarms, recipes, and security of SCADA systems.

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