HVAC Technician Course
Duration: 4 Months Total Fee: 20500 One Time Fee: 19500
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.11500 2nd Installment: Rs.10000

HVAC technician is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. A HVAC technician can work in any industrial, plant or in a factory, or in any commercial or residential building to set, install, repair and maintain the heat ventilation and air conditioning system of the regarding area. Training programs of a couple of months are provided in the Institute for HVAC technician to train an enrolling student to learn about electronics, temperature controlling system, equipment design and construction and also the installation maintenance and repairing an air conditioning system. A company needs a certified ac technician professional who has completed any training program from an authorized institution or training school.

A HVAC technician work in industries or residential or commercial although an ac technician can learn the skills need for their trade on the job, most of the employers need and prefer to appoint a certified and experienced professional who has completed any training program. An HVAC technician may choose to work strictly with just one of the components that involve the air conditioning like heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration systems. But in some cases, an HVAC technician gets specialization in installation, maintenance, or repair of the air conditioning system. As the refrigerants are harmful to the environment, an HVAC technician recover and properly dispose of the refrigerants when servicing an air conditioning system.

A HVAC technician also can sell services to different clients which may include the regular maintenance of the cooling system. In some cases, other people with different field of expertise work with them to help an ac technician to install and repair the cooling and heating system. We can take an example of a large air conditioning installation work, especially one in which they work with a group or union of tradesmen of different fields of expertise like electricians, duct workers etc. The job of an HVAC technician may be of different kinds which include the repairing of pipe that is liking, replace a damage mechanical part or adjust the setting of the equipment time to time for better performance. In the process of servicing of the cooling or refrigeration system, an HVAC technician records the data about the machine like temperature, fuel consumption and hour of operation.

Some responsibilities of a HVAC technician in any industry or plant is to review the blueprints, installations of machines, and testing of the system to make it work properly and troubleshooting the problem if any happens, functionality testing of the system, performing some emergency repair in case of breakdown, maintenance of tools, and making the necessary adjustments or alterations to increase the operational efficiency to a maximum level. An HVAC technician undergoes maintenance test on a regular basis, normally twice in a year, at the beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn also to ensure the efficiency and the cooling system. Ac plant technician provides these testing may include the cleaning the blower fan, checking the level of coolant in the system of cooling and the thermostat.

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