HVAC / AC Technician With Designing
Duration: 3 Months Total Fee: 28000 One Time Fee: 27000
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.12000 2nd Installment: Rs.10000 3rd Installment: Rs. 6000

An HVAC technician installs, maintains, and repairs heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Any industrial, plant, or factory, as well as any commercial or residential building, can hire these technicians to set, install, repair, and maintain the heating and air conditioning system. An enrolled student participates in a two-month training program at the Institute for HVAC technicians to learn about electronics, temperature control systems, equipment design, construction, installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning systems. Companies need AC technicians who have completed a training program from a recognized institution.

HVAC technicians can work in an industrial setting or in a home or office. However, many employers prefer to hire a certified and experienced professional with training and experience. An HVAC technician may choose to work strictly with just one of the components that involve air conditioning like heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration systems. In some cases, though, HVAC technicians become specialists in air conditioning installation, maintenance, or repair. Since refrigerants harm the environment, HVAC technicians safely recover and dispose of refrigerants when servicing an air conditioning system.

A HVAC technician can also sell cooling system maintenance services to clients. The installation and repair of cooling and heating systems are sometimes helped by people with different fields of expertise. Consider a large air conditioning installation project, especially one in which the tradesmen work with a union of people of different fields of expertise, such as electricians, ductwork, etc. The job of an HVAC technician may include repairing a pipe that is leaking, replacing a damaged mechanical part, or adjusting the equipment settings to make it operate better from time to time. HVAC technicians record information about temperatures, fuel consumption, and operation hours when servicing cooling and refrigeration systems.

The duties of an HVAC technician in any company or industry include reviewing blueprints, installing and maintaining machinery, testing the system to make sure it works properly, troubleshooting issues if any arise, maintaining tools, and making adjustments or alterations to increase efficiency. Maintenance tests are conducted by HVAC technicians twice a year, at the beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn, to ensure that the system works efficiently and effectively. AC plant technicians do these tests to ensure the blower fan is clean, coolant levels are sufficient, and the thermostat is working properly.

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