Forklift Operator Course
Duration: 1 Months Total Fee: 19000 One Time Fee: 18000
Installment Details
1st Installment: Rs.12000 Second Installment: Rs. 7000

forklift operators are trained to operate Forklift trucks which are used to transport goods and materials on packs or pallets, and also forklift operators are able to move the load in horizontal as well as vertical direction. In a construction site or in a factory, a forklift operator plays a crucial role in the process of storing and lifting the materials and for moving or lifting goods and materials where the height of the structure or construction does not exceed three stories. During the course or training portion that the Rashtriye Technical Institute offers, a forklift operator trainee will get hands-on instruction by our expert trainer. We offer a live demonstration on this as well as a practical exercise during the course of forklift operator.

A forklift operator in any firm or industry is generally need to assign to work on the level ground, and so are mostly get an appointment in industrial sites and warehouses. But a forklift operator generally needs to work in the worst conditions as well and so can be used on construction sites. So they can be appointed or can get a job offer from a construction company as well as from a warehousing system.

A forklift operator or driver need to use a vehicle to move materials in warehouses, construction sites, storage yards, shopping malls or a marketing complex, factories, and the job of a the operator can be hard work, as they may need to work for eight hours at a time, but it can be thrilling if they  like using machines and doing the shift work. To do this job, a trainee will need to be at least 18 years old and have a certificate of completion from a renowned or authorized institute. a forklift operator should also have the needed safety training and certification so you can operate the vehicle. Once they get  the training and skills, can look for forklift operator positions.

forklift operators are inherent to a various number of jobs in the construction industry. forklift operators can perform lifting manually or using lifting equipment provided at the site. In a construction manual lifting as well as mechanical lifting operations can put the forklift operator in danger or hazardous situation or in a great risk of injury or disability. The costs of accidents and ill health related to lifting operations are immense. A forklift operator generally gets the job in a construction company where the job is to transport the material from the storage to the place of processing to the material.

A forklift operator deals in lifting operation of materials or goods that involves the operation of lifting and lowering of a load of an item in a warehouse or a construction side or marketing complex or malls etc. A load can be anything which may include a person or a group of persons. A forklift operator may operate manually which involves holding putting down, carrying.

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