CCTV Technician
Duration: 2 Months Total Fee: 20500 One Time Fee: 19500
Installment Details
14500 6000

There are tremendous opportunities for growth and development in the CCTV camera security industry worldwide. CCTV Camera Security has become an important requirement for every firm & industry, as it comes with a lot of business opportunities. Every year hundreds of thousands of new businesses begin. In recent years, the CCTV camera security market demand has increased to more than 10 lakh professional installation, maintenance, and service engineers worldwide. The CCTV camera security positions pay high salaries worldwide. Rashtriya Technical Institute offers CCTV Camera Security Training that provides maximum practical training for candidates, covering topics such as the basics of electronics, remote viewing using mobile phones and laptops, advanced CCTV-based networking concepts, CCTV camera security troubleshooting procedures.

We recommend this course to those contemplating a career in CCTV Surveillance, seeking an understanding of electronics fundamentals, Self Employed, Job Seekers, Students looking for a career in CCTV surveillance, and those interested in the installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras.

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