Duration: 3 Months Total Fee: 20500 One Time Fee: 19500
Installment Details
14500 6000

A plumber is an industry activity job in the 'Contractors' section related to installation and pipe fittings as well as repair and installation. The job description of the Plumber General includes minor repairs, installations, sanitary installations, and pipe maintenance in lodging, business, and educational arrangements. Individuals applying for this position will be expected to work independently. Applicants must be capable of performing severe work. Applicants should be adept at adhering to and following guidelines.

Plumbers can work on any project based on a drawing and fabricate different structures accordingly, can repair and maintain plumbing systems as required, can complete preliminary installation and minor repairs, or assist in maintaining and servicing sanitary fixtures and pipes for households, commercial and institutional facilities. Among the tasks that are assisting in laying pipes, pipe bending, making watertight joints, threading pipes with taps and dies, repairing leaks, etc., and is designated as a Plumber Mate or Pipe Fitter Helper as per the type of work.

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